We Buy Aging Houses 4 Ca$h Quickly!

We’re cash home buyers who can help you get a fresh start.

When you have a house that you want to sell fast, AEG is your best option. We understand how circumstances can come up which means you need ways to sell your home fast, without getting your house in shape to sell. We’ll work with you the best we can during this difficult situation.

Selling your house the usual way or putting it up for sale by owner can take a lot of time and often a lot of money to get it ready to put on the market. Our process is right for fast and hassle free.

We Make It Easy To Sell Your House Fast!

We Buy Houses

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We Buy Ugly Houses helps with ugly situations.

You might be facing financial or family issues, costly repairs, job loss, an inherited house you need to sell – we’ve helped homeowners with these issues and many more. We provide a way to sell your home fast and move on. Some homeowners have sold to us to deal with complicated property title problems, avoid foreclosure, move out of declining neighborhoods and other tough circumstances.

Instead of taking the time and the expense to fix up your house, pay sales commissions, host showings, wait on a banker’s decision, etc., we can make you a cash offer for your house “as is.” Meaning you don’t fix anything or even pick up a broom; you can just sell your house fast to our local property specialists, exactly as it is right now. That can be such a relief and save so much time and effort.

When we say “sell your house fast,” we mean this fast – we can make a firm cash offer and close the sale as soon as three weeks from when you accept our offer.

As our name states, our local property specialists have bought ugly houses, condemned houses, even houses that aren’t ugly at all, but their owners have faced ugly circumstances, and their best solution was to sell to us, the trusted, quick home buyers. Usually, these sellers have gone through a lot of stress over owning a problem house and were looking for ways to sell their home fast. We’ve brought them relief and peace of mind. And we can do that for you.

Our process to sell your house fast is simple and straightforward.

Every homeowner’s situation is unique, and our local property specialists will work with your particular needs. The first step is meeting you, seeing your house, and learning how we can best help you with a fast cash offer. We’ll evaluate your neighborhood, analyze market conditions, and get to know your property and what you’re facing. Those initial consultations can be pretty brief, but we’ll take as long as you want to answer all your questions. Often, your local property specialist can make you a cash offer on the spot at that first meeting.

The personal approach continues when you decide to sell to us; our local property specialists walk each homeowner through each step of every sale.

When we make you a firm cash offer, you can trust that it won’t change when we close in as little as three weeks. You’ll pay no commissions, and we’ll pay typical closing costs.

See if We Buy Ugly Houses® is the right solution for you. Meeting with us won’t cost you anything, and you’ll be under no obligation to accept our cash offer. But we’re thinking you’ll want to!

Contact us today so we can help you with a fast cash offer. Call us at or complete the form to the right. There’s no cost to meet us and no obligation to accept our cash offer.

Not all cash home buyers are the same.

As America’s #1 Home Buyer, we’ve attracted a lot of imitators. Some of these will try to make you think they’re us, but we’re the only We Buy Ugly Houses® people.

Many will make you an attractive initial offer, even without seeing your house first, only to lower it or charge surprise fees just before closing. That can suddenly reduce the cash you’ll receive for your house when it’s too late for you to do anything about it and put you in a real bind. Our firm cash offer is exactly that – it will not change when we close.

Your local We Buy house representatives are experts at helping people out of ugly situations, not just ugly houses, and we’d like to help you get a fresh start from whatever stress you’re facing.

Contact us today so we can help you with a fast cash offer. Call us at or complete the form to the right. There’s no cost to meet us and no obligation to accept our cash offer.